Memorial Day Weekend

And now for a little non-hike blogging…

Finally posting about the holiday weekend! Yes, I realize that was now a week ago. I think I needed until now to recover. Paul’s Dad and Marissa came out from Orlando to visit us for the long weekend, and I think we sufficiently wore them out as well. 🙂

We got together on Friday for happy hour and dinner. We started with some amazing drinks at Beaker & Flask… we hadn’t been here before, and holy crap are the drinks good. Of course I’ve forgotten what mine was called, but it consisted of some really good rum, pineapple gomme, and coconut water ice cubes. Mind blown. As the ice melted down it gave the drink a tropical flavor. Spectacular. After that we headed over to Laurelhurst Market for dinner, another first for us. I had been dying to try this place after hearing rave reviews, and it did not disappoint. Pretty classic fare, but with top-quality cuts of beef.

Saturday morning we headed over to the Farmers Market to grab some breakfast and wander a little.

Tom and Marissa

Pine State Biscuits breakfast!!! We had to wait in line for like a half hour, but so worth it.

After the market, we headed over to NW 23td area to grab some beers and do a little shopping.

Goofing around at Lompoc

Lompoc’s beer garden… the sun actually came out for us!

Fun at the hat store

After a few beers we walked up to the International Test Rose Garden to see what was in bloom. It’s still a little early, but lots of roses are just starting to bloom… a few more weeks it should be perfect.

After that, of course it was time for more drinks!

Wild Turkey!

From our balcony, picking out his next house out in the West Hills 🙂

Obligatory cute Buckley picture

And all capped off with dinner at the drunk carts (late-night food cart pod in SE Portland).

We kept ourselves busy on Saturday, but we had a very full day on Sunday. We started with breakfast at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. We were bummed that it was a very cloudy day (and spent a decent amount of time actually driving through the clouds), but the mountain was beautiful anyway. After breakfast, we cruised through Hood River for a quick drink (and a little shopping, it turned out). We then crossed the river into Washington and did some wine tasting at a few small wineries. Oh, and met lots of cute doggies along the way!

Timberline Lodge

Mimosas at the Hood River Hotel

Our new friend Lucy 🙂

At Syncline winery… grapes and chickens?

Syncline tasting room

Amazing chocolate collection!!

The Syncline winery dog

Next stop, Cor Cellars

Had a few glasses already 🙂

I just love this picture

The Cor Cellars doggie! She was all about playing fetch.

Our final wine stop was at Memaloose, which we read was a great picnic spot. We brought a cooler with some cheese, fruit, sausage and bread and wanted to find the perfect place… this was it! They weren’t kidding about the scenery. It’s gorgeous.

Preparing lunch, overlooking the Gorge

The Memaloose dog, Dixie, came right over and decided to hang out with us for our picnic. She was so sweet and loving! We found out later that this is one hardcore dog… she does not eat any dog food, only hunts. Gophers and squirrels. I didn’t know I was staring into the face of a hardened killer. 🙂

Dixie under our picnic table. So sweet.

Oh, and the wine was pretty delicious too!

Not a bad lunch spot

All tuckered out 🙂

If Buckley found out I was taking so many pictures of other dogs, he would not be happy…

Monday was spent… what else… eating and drinking around town, until Tom and Marissa had to depart for their flight back to Florida. It was a whirlwind weekend, and hopefully our guests had as much fun as we did! It is pretty exhausting trying to fit in all the things there are to see and do around here, and we barely scratched the surface. It’s always fun to have visitors though, it allows us to be a little bit touristy. 🙂 Paul’s best friend Ben is coming to visit next month, so we’ll get to do it all over again!

Paul and I spent last night camping by the Siouxon Creek in Washington, so I will have another blog post coming up on that soon!


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