A weekend off

I forgot to mention this last week! The weather forecast for this past weekend was dismal, and we didn’t want to drop a bunch of money on a Zipcar for a dreary weekend… so, we decided to take the weekend off from hiking. *gasp!*

Instead of forests and streams and lakes, we just had a city weekend full of being lazy, getting haircuts, eating, drinking, shopping, and movie-watching. Well, Paul managed to squeeze in a 35-mile bike ride; but me? Not so much. I exercised my trying-clothes-on muscles.

In other news, today is our 2-year wedding anniversary! How lucky I am to have found my best friend and soul mate, and how nice of him to ask me to marry him. 🙂 In honor of two years, I’m revisiting our wedding photo slideshow, which is amazingly still online here (if you watch it, turn your sound on).

Paul’s friend Ben is coming to visit this weekend, and we fully intend to go on a hike, so we’ll be back in action soon!


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