Welcome to Such Great Hikes!

The time has come to move away from my former blog, Moving to PDX; after living in Portland for almost two years, I think it’s safe to say we’re out of the “moving” phase! We’ve made ourselves at home here and love every minute of it.

Since settling into life in the PNW, we’ve been spending a lot of time hiking, taking pictures, and taking pictures of hiking. I decided to launch a new blog (yep, this one here… bonus points if you get the title reference) that is focused on the trails we take on, but will still include other noteworthy stuff we do in and around Portland. I’m guessing the winter months will be more “other stuff” heavy, unless Paul can manage to drag me into the wild when it’s cold and rainy…

I am going to start posting here with 2010 hikes. We already have a few under our belt this year, so expect to see a few posts over the next few days. We did a number of hikes in 2009 as well, which I documented on the old blog. In case anyone is interested, here is a chronological rundown of them with links:

Dog Mountain
Columbia River Gorge (Washington side)
Summit at 2,815 feet
Total hike distance: 6.9 miles
Total elevation gain: 2,800 feet
Blog post:

Mount Mitchell
Mt. St. Helens Wilderness Area
Summit at 3,894 feet
Total hike distance: 5.0 miles
Total elevation gain: 2,050 feet
Blog post: http://movingtopdx.blogspot.com/2009/06/mount-mitchell-and-ape-caves.html

Indian Point Loop
Columbia River Gorge (Oregon side)
Total hike distance: 7.6 miles

Total elevation gain: 2,800 feet
Blog post: http://movingtopdx.blogspot.com/2009/06/indian-point-loop.html

Mount Defiance
Columbia River Gorge (Oregon side – tallest point in all the gorge!)
Summit at 4,959 feet
Total hike distance: 9.6 miles
Total elevation gain: 4,940 feet
Blog post: http://movingtopdx.blogspot.com/2009/07/defying-mt-defiance.html

South Sister
Three Sisters Wilderness (Central Oregon)
Summit at 10,358 feet
Total hike distance: 10.8 miles
Total elevation gain: 5,400 feet
Blog post: http://movingtopdx.blogspot.com/2009/08/summiting-south-sister.html

Pacific Crest Trail – Timberline Lodge to Zigzag Canyon
Mt. Hood (Oregon)
Total hike distance: 8.0 miles (although this trail, in total, is over 40 miles long)
Total elevation gain: 1,500 feet
Blog post: http://movingtopdx.blogspot.com/2009/08/camping-at-lost-lake.html